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About Moorish Unity Summit
The Mission of the Moorish Unity Summit is to bring together the leaders of today and tomorrow to create a better, more sustainable Moorish Nation through the positive and powerful Holy & Divine Laws of Prophet Noble Drew Ali.  The essential purpose of the Moorish Unity Summit is the detoxification of our thoughts in order that we may devise strategies which will ultimately facilitate the unity of our nation.  This is our Vision: A United Moorish Nation

Disunity has been going on a long time within the Moorish Nation.  Disunity is the reason The Moorish Unity Summit was started in April 2009, by a group of concerned Moorish Americans living throughout the United States who came together in the spirit of unity to find ways to unify our Moorish Nation.

Who Was Invited To Attend The Moorish Unity Summit?  
All Moorish National Heads, known to the committee were invited to attend all Summits, but certain heads have not answered the call for unity. The Moorish Unity Committee contacted all the National Leaders and invited them to the first Summit held in Des Plaines, Illinois, April 25th, 26th & 27th, 2009. Only a few national leaders answered the call.

Why Were Only National Heads Invited To Attend The Moorish Unity Summit?
Currently the Moorish nation is divided into small groups. All groups calling themselves The Grand Body of the Moorish Science Temple of America. Prophet Noble Drew Ali brought one Moorish Grand Body, one Nation, not divided groups.  We know in order to save the Moorish nation, we must work/come together under one umbrella, and the Summit is the place where National Heads can work together and come up with a workable short/long term goals, solutions, and resolutions that can benefit and unite all in the name of Brotherly Love.

Why Is It IMPORTANT For All National Heads To Attend The Unity Summits?
The Moorish Nation have some of the brightest minds and instead of planning meetings to discuss unity, we should meet to tackling a broad range of critical issues, from the economy, health care, constitutional laws, disasters plans and etc., therefore it is going to take all Heads to obtain unity. Unity can only be inclusive for all or it is not unity

Why So Many Summits?
The Summits will continue until we reach our goal in unifying our Moorish Nation. This movement toward unity may not happen all at once. It may not happen without difficulty, but it will happen, because the time for unity*s expression is now.   Unity requires hard work and love therefore it is pertinent we stop justifying our anger, hate and actions on ancient fears. 

Our victory is sure as long as we employ a willingness to learn and stay resolute in our quest to see Allah*s plan of a great unified Moorish Nation.  All national Heads or representatives are invited to attend the next Moorish Unity Summit. If you can't find your national head name listed as one of the Attendees at the last Seven Unity Summits, please invite him or her to attend the next Summit.

Peace & Love