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 Let's Net Work, Assist & Patronize Each Other! Please send your Moorish Business Information 
ElSunset Production    
Sis Jennell El
  • Information on Temple Fundraising available
Greeting Cards, Postcards, Business Cards, Bookmarks, Banners, Lawn Signs,  Invitations, T-Shirts, Decals, Lapel Pins, Flags, Mouse Pads, Puzzles, Pens, WebSites & Much More
California Area - Ship all over USA.
Bro. YahYah A. Muhammad-Bey
(African Black Soap & Shea Butter, Amazing Bless Hair Pomade,  Body Oils,  Incense, Perfumes (Alcohol Free), Portraits (Oil & Pastels) & Crescent & Star rings
Philadelphia Area - Ship all over USA
Moor Steam Carpet Cleaning
Free Estimate
Bro. Terrance Hopkins-Bey 
Philadelphia Area 

Moorish Unity NetWorking
 Moor Delightful
Sis. L. Denise Johnson Bey
Specializing in:
  •  Scented Shea Butters,
  •  Sugar Scrubs, & Natural Soaps. 
Contact: or 706.306.1037.  
Georgia Area-Ship all over USA

Brother W. Clendenin-Bey
Author of Children Coloring Book
"The Adventures of Endur"
PRICE: $10.00 ea
Illustration: Brother Y. Sirius El
New York Area - Ship all over USA
Bro.Elijah Israel Bey
Lectures on DVD on topics such as Moorish Science, Moorish History, Metaphysics, Astrology, and Holistic Health & Moor!
New Jersey Area - Ship all over USA
 Moorish Style Catering By Allah's Precious Hands, LLC
Contact Information:
 443-531-3870   or    443-852-0502      
Sister Tammy Lomax-Bey, Sister Dekia Hunt-El, and Sister Debowrah Yisrael-El
Baltimore, Maryland  Area
Eyebrow Threader    
Sis EbonyWalton El

Specializing in sanitary, natural and polished hair removal by threading
California Area 
California Council    
Sis Cynthia Smith Bey

Certificates, Wills, Powers of Counsel, Taxes, etc.
California Area 
Bro. Yusuf Ali El 
(Author, Motivational Speaker & Lecturer)

  • How To Feel Good About Yourself [Paperback] 
  • ​Ryme Tyme: For Growing Minds

Contact Information: yusufaliel@gmail
Indiana Area - Ship all over USA - (Other Books & DVDs)
Sheik Charles Brown-Bey
(Author, Motivational Speaker, Lecturer & Business Person)

  • Find Your Destiny and Fulfill It! - Self Improvement: Spirituality[Paperback] .
Georgia Area - Ship all over USA (Books & products)
Bro. Samuel Wright Bey
Heating & Air Condition Business
Kansas City, Missouri
Eunique Euniece Clinton Manor
Completely Catering Services for All Occasions
Capacity – From 20 to 85 People
699-701 Clinton Avenue
Phone: (973) 416-2429 Cell: (973) 634-5021

Newark, NJ 07108-1444

  • Complete Affordable Packages for your Banquets, Birthday Parties, Graduation, Conferences & etc.

Bro. Azeem Hopkins-Bey 
(Author, Motivational Speaker & Lecturer)

  • What Your History Books Failed To Tell You [Paperback] (
Philadelphia Area - Ship all over USA - (Other Books & DVDs)

  •        Know Thyself Radio 
  •  Call 646-478-4713
  •  6:30pm EST, Every Monday​
Bro. Eric Mungin Bey (Author)

  • Discover the Key to the Moorish Questionary: A Study Guide for All Moorish Americans [Paperback] 

Buy on-line (

Virgina Area - Ship all over USA
Moorish Love Youth Camp
Sis Deborah El

All Children Welcome
 Virgina Area

 Moor Natural You
Jakira Saruis
  • Natural Products: Soap, Toothpaste, Lotion & etc,

Ship all over USA
Baltimore, Maryland  Area